Rebranding of Title Tool with focus on Usabilty

TitleTool is a product that aims to simplify the process of translating videos by creating translation jobs for different translators and allowing them to easily translate corresponding videos by subtitles.
What did I do?
My job was to restructure and redesign the whole product. Therefore, I was doing a competitors analysis, analyzing the current UX problems by doing a user testing with the actual state. I came up with a new structure by building a sitemap and a user flow and creating a Mid-Fi click dummy which I again tested with real users to finally come up with a Hi-Fi Prototype. 

Status Quo of TitleTool
The current tool - as I figured out via usability tests - had some huge user experience problems.
A: As the tool is being used on an iPad the smallest the hamburger menu is quite hidden even it is the main menu the user needs to go through
B: In general important buttons have no description and are by far not self-explanatory
C: the hierarchy of actions that can be taken is not clear and users didn't know what to do first
D: it's not clear why the Asset section is also seen as the home of the tool
E: unclear how to create a new translation
F: the translation page was not understood at all

Current Status
Goal: Create a cleaner, more modern interface design with a new hierarchy of actions so the user is not overwhelmed
Problem Definition: The Titletool offers a lot of functionalities which need to be more explanatory and tidied up so the user can understand their sense. 
Idea: clear information architecture
USP: Make it easy to create translation jobs for lots of different videos ​​​​​​​
New Sitemap and User Flows
Final Wireframes for 'Job' Section
Final Wireframes for 'Asset' Section
Final Wireframes for 'Add new Asset'
Final Wireframes for 'Job Approval'
Usage Mockup in a Browser
Clickable Prototype Video

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