I am a 33-year-old product designer living and working in Berlin and speaking English and German. I support companies and agencies in designing prototypes, websites, apps, products, branding and concepts. I recently worked for Shell Renewables and Energy on a sustainable project and an Open Source Interview Tool. 
With a university degree in communication design (B.A.) and a degree from the Ironhack UX / UI Bootcamp, I laid my foundation for the design of lean user experiences, interfaces and brands. I have experience working in sprints, agile environments and multidisciplinary teams. I have worked for and in startups, agencies and medium-sized companies in the last few years. Among other things, I went through projects in the areas of e-commerce, green tech and social networks.
I'm a UX/UI Product Designer. That means I find out what your users need in order to create a meaningful solution for them. 
With the help of Design Thinking, I dive into your User Needs.
That means I'm convenient in doing:
* User Research 
* User Interviews
* AI collaboration   
* Design Sprints 
* UX Review 
* Benchmark Analysis 
* Competitor Analysis 
* Moodboards
* User Personas 
* User Goals 
* User Journeys 
* Jobs to be done Analysis 
* User Flows   
* Sitemap / Information Architecture 
* Ideation 
* UI Review 
* Mid-Fi Design 
* Hi-Fi Design 
* Prototyping 
* Workshop Facilitation
* Click-Dummies 
* Usability Testing
Whether I work with you in a fast-paced start-up environment as a part of your team or I review your existing product regarding UX and UI: My overall goal is to solve problems while taking care of your business goals. 
Your preferred language is german? Deutsch ist meine Muttersprache  - also alles auch jederzeit gern auf deutsch 😉

Let's work together 🧡 ​​​​​​​
Thanks for reaching out! I will get back to you as soon as possible 💌
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