Public broadcasters such as RBB, SWR, NDR, ORF and Deutsche Welle agreed that they need an online conferencing tool similar to Google Meet or Zoom with a focus on interviews. On the one hand, the pandemic has shown that interviews have to be conducted online, as hardly anyone likes to meet in a studio or room. And since, on the other hand, the “old” way of conducting interviews was to organize a time slot in the studio to ensure the interview was recorded, there was a pressing need for a tool that interviewers could use to create the interviews themselves and do it from anywhere could carry out.
What did I do?
Since the requirements were already established, I created a concept in a lo-fidelity mockup that I tested with real users. With the feedback I created a hifi click dummy.
Goal Create an easy-to-use interview tool in which to schedule interviews, generate a link to the interview room, and conduct interviews.
Problem Definition The tool must be understood by almost every generation of working age.
Idea Better to use common usability methods of existing conference tools than to invent the new wheel.  
USP A tool that not only helps with the organization and conduct of the interviews, but is also a kind of archive to see: date and time of interview, number of takes, length, notes and participants email addresses.
Concept Lo-Fi Wireframes
Feedback User Testing
During the user testing, we discovered that although the calendar function was appreciated, everyone already had their calendar system. That's why we decided to ignore the calendar feature. I produced a Hi-Fi design without relying on a calendar in the next step, but with a notification to add the interview to the existing calendar. 
High Fidelity Wireframes

1. Schedule Interviews
2. Conduct Interview
3. To be interviewed
Final Mockups

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